Adhesives & Sealants - Pipe Sealants

Adhesives & Sealants - Pipe Sealants

  • Highside Chemicals 10001 Leak Lock (1.33oz tube)

    Highside Chemicals 10001 Leak Lock(R) (1.33oz tube) Specifications: • Soft-setting pipe-joint compound for sealing threaded joints, flanged joints, gasket surfaces & mating surfaces• Ideal for metal & plastic materials subject to extreme vibrations•...
  • Highside Chemicals 12001 Red Epoxy

    Highside Chemicals 12001 Red Epoxy(R) Specifications: • High-performance, heat-cured, 2-part epoxy kit for patching or sealing on all metals, including aluminum • Also seals rigid plastics• Exhibits unique color change when completely heat-cured• Cures...
  • Highside Chemicals 30004 Solderlene, 4oz

    Highside Chemicals 30004 Solderlene(R), 4oz Specifications: • Soldering paste for use with low & mid temperatures • Both lead & lead-free applications • For use on all metals except aluminum & magnesium UPC : 684176300043 Shipping Dimensions : 3.10in X...
  • No Logo 11175 Pipe Sealer in Stick Form

    No Logo 11175 Pipe Sealer in Stick Form Specifications: • 350psi for gas• 2,500psi for liquid• Sealing temp: up to 350deg F• Safe, nontoxic & nondrying• Not for use on oxygen service UPC : 048615111759 Shipping Dimensions : 4.90in X 0.75in X 0.75in...
  • No Logo 12109 Pipe Sealer Paste

    No Logo 12109 Pipe Sealer Paste Specifications: • Soft-set pipe-thread compound• Brush in cap• Sealing temp: up to 400deg F (204deg C)• Pressures: 2,600psi (177BAR) for gas, 5,000psi (340BAR) for liquid• Not for use on oxygen service• Does not have...