Power Tools & Accessories

Power Tools & Accessories

  • P-130A Compact Air Mover with Daisy Chain

    Wide pattern of airflow--ideal for cooling garage and home or drying carpets, leaks and spills; Compact size fits to tight spaces to direct airflow inside auto interiors, under counters and more; Lightweight, compact and durable polypropylene (PP)...
  • P-26AR Industrial Axial Air Mover

    Multipurpose--quick drying, water damage restoration, ventilation and climate control; Rugged rack/stand for a full 360? multidirectional airflow for many applications; Maximized energy efficiency with a rated 1100 CFM while only drawing 0.6 amps;...
  • X-39AR Professional Axial Fan

    High airflow that speeds up drying process for water damage restoration and janitorial cleaning applications; Variable speed control to efficiently dry carpets, floors, walls and large areas, and for ventilation and climate control; Rugged rack/stand for...