Parking Garage Device & Accessories

Parking Garage Device & Accessories

  • Cable-Protector Cover Ramp

    Safely conceals cables, wires, cords, hoses, tubes, pipes, etc.; Rugged & durable construction; High-visibility yellow color; Single-channel track design; Easy-access flip-open hinge lid; Marine-grade waterproof-rated construction; Wide channel groove...
  • Curb Ramp

    Portable ramp allows access over curbs & steps up to 5.5" high; Holds up to 10,000lbs; Made from thick, heavy-duty, durable plastic; Mounting holes allow a secure fit can be used to bolt multiple units together to accommodate wheelchair access ; Dim: 5...
  • Headrest Twin Hanger

    Keeps shopping bags, coats, handbags, umbrellas, takeout food, etc. off the car floor to reduce clutter and keep items close at hand; Each hook holds up to 5 lbs. for a total of 10 lbs. of holding power; Attaches to any headrest with twin posts that are ...
  • Park Right(R) BallPark(TM) Parking Ball

    Ball marks the right spot to park; 4 red LEDs inside the ball create a light show when the ball hits the car window; 90-day limited warranty; Includes eye hook, 8 ft. line and 3 replaceable batteries which last up to 800 activationsWarranty: Ninety...
  • Park Right(R) Convex Mirror

    Helps drivers avoid hitting objects or pedestrians when backing out of the garage or driveway; Helps drivers see oncoming traffic when exiting from parking garages, parking lots and alleys; Ideal for watching over aisles in retail stores, view front...
  • Park Right(R) Flat-Free Tire Ramps, 4 pk

    Prevents tires from getting out of round or having flat spots when sitting for long periods of time; Can be used for cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, trailers, campers & more; User simply positions ramps in front of tires & drives forward; Strong & long-lasting...
  • Park Right(R) Garage Dual-Laser Park

    Dual-laser park with built-in LED light; Lasers shine onto vehicles to precisely guide to correct spot; LED lights up garage for better visibility; Ideal for 2-car garages but can be used for 1 car as well; Lasers automatically activate when vehicle...
  • Park Right(R) Parking Mat (Black)

    Prevents damage to vehicles, garages, and belongings; Reflective strip for increased visibility; Antiskid tape prevents mat from moving; Corner holes can be used to hard-mount mat; Built-in drip tray helps prevent water, snow, or dirt from reaching the...