Signal Booster Antennas

Signal Booster Antennas

  • 4G Low-Profile In-Vehicle Cellular Antenna

    Ideal for weBoost(R) multi-user vehicle boosters like Drive 4G-X(TM), 4G-M(TM) & Drive 3G-X(TM) & 3G-M(TM); For in-vehicle use only; Omnidirectional; 698MHz-960MHz/1,710MHz-2,170MHz/2,500MHz-2,700MHz ; Imp: 50ohm ; Linear polarization; Includes VELCRO(R)...
  • 4G Mini Magnet-Mount Omnidirectional Antenna

    Compact & low profile ; Easy to install ; 4.175" tall; Removable--transfers from 1 vehicle to another ; 50ohm ; Features rare earth magnet ; Includes 12.5ft RG174 coaxial cable & FME-female connectorWarranty: One YearCountry of Origin: United States
  • 4G Mini Magnetic Antenna with SMA-Male Connector

    Omnidirectional; 50ohm ; Low profile--4.175" tall; Transferable between vehicles ; Rare earth magnet; Vertical polarization; Covers 700MHz-800MHz/824MHz-894MHz/880MHz-960MHz/1,710MHz-1,880MHz/1,850MHz-1990MHz/2,110MHz-2,170MHz; Includes 12.5ft of RG174...
  • 4G Residential Outdoor Omni Cellular Antenna

    Compatible with 4G LTE/3G signal boosters & all US cellular carriers; Connects to 75ohm cellular phone signal boosters & modems ; 7.5" x 2.6" dia; Vertically polarized & waterproof omnidirectional antenna; 75ohm ; F-female connector; High-gain 4G...
  • 4G Wall-Mount Panel Antenna with F-Female Connector

    Directional; 700MHz-800MHz/824MHz-894MHz/880MHz-960MHz/1,710MHz-1,880MHz/1,850MHz-1,990MHz/2,110MHz-2,170MHz; 75ohm ; Max power: 15W; Vertical polarization; Built-in ground plane; Dim: 8.27"H x 7.09"W x 1.73"D; Includes 9 in. RG6 pigtail with F-female...
  • 4G-OTR Trucker Edition Antenna, 17"

    17" tall; High-performance, weather-resistant construction; Omnidirectional; 700MHz-900MHz/1,710MHz-2,270MHz/1,850MHz-2,160MHz; 50ohm ; Max input power: 50W; Vertical polarization; 3/8"x24 thread; Includes 2 mast extensions, 3-way antenna mount, side...