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Communication Headphones & Accessories

Communication Headphones & Accessories

  • CS100 On-Ear Communication Headset

    Neodymium/iron/boron magnet structures deliver high sensitivity & reduced distortion for premium sound at all volume levels; Noise-canceling microphone; Freq resp: 30Hz-20kHz; 8ft cord; Limited lifetime warrantyWarranty: LifetimeCountry of Origin: China
  • QZPRO Active Noise Reduction Over-Ear Headphones

    40 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response offers full range of deep bass and treble clarity; Soft vinyl closed ear cushions create tight seal around ears and reduce ambient noise; Active noise reduction technology eliminates unwanted low-frequency noise; Fully...
  • SB45 Full-Size Over-Ear Communication Headphones

    Delivers high-sensitivity & reduced distortion; Ideal for gamers; Features anisotropic ferrite magnets; Freq resp: 18Hz-20kHz; Oxygen-free copper voice coils improve signal transmission & conduction for a clearer & louder sound; Closed earcups; Soft...
  • Stereo Headset

    Stereo headphones with foam earpads; Adjustable microphone; Easy installation with two 3.5 mm plugs (1 for sound and 1 for microphone); Long cord to easily reach a desktop or notebook computer or another device; 6 ft. cableWarranty: 3-yearCountry of...
  • USB-C(TM) to 3.5 mm Stereo Audio Adapter

    Adds two 3.5 mm ports to a device that comes with no more than 1 stereo audio jack; Connecting to a USB-C(TM) port lets user bypass a defective sound card or audio jack; Compact aluminum housing fits into a laptop bag for easy listening anywhere;...