Antennas & Accessories

Antennas & Accessories

  • 15dB Digital Distribution Amp

    Used to overcome signal loss in coaxial running from antenna to TV; Low-noise distribution amp; 54MHz-1,000MHz; 15dB gain; Includes power supply & inserterWarranty: Ninety Days LimitedCountry of Origin: China
  • 24dB Digital Distribution Amp

    Single RF input; 24dB gain; Single RF output with a 5MHz-42MHz, 2-way bi-pass at +12dB gain; 20dB switchable FM trap & return path; 0dB-18dB gain control; Adjustable gain; Includes power supply & inserterWarranty: Ninety Days LimitedCountry of Origin:...
  • 40" Antenna J-Mount

    Ideal for mounting antennas to roofs, fascia or deck rails ; 1.62" outside dia; 1.5" inside dia ; Includes expansion bolts, roof sealing strips & hardware ; 90-day limited warrantyWarranty: LifetimeCountry of Origin: Taiwan
  • A/V NTSC RF Modulator

    A/V NTSC RF modulator; Connects RCA & S-video inputs from DVD players, camcorders, video game system consoles or any other A/V equipment to an F-type outlet; Suitable for older TV sets without RCA or S-video inputs; RF output channels 3 or 4; Power...
  • All-Channel Coupler

    2-way coupler; Couples two 75ohm leads from any 2 antennas to 75ohm coaxial downlead; AC/DC passive input to set 1 side; 75ohm Warranty: Ninety Days LimitedCountry of Origin: United States
  • Amplified HDTV Digital Antenna

    Amplified HDTV digital antenna; Slim modern design; Freq: UHF/VHF/FM; Freq range: VHF 40MHz-230MHz, UHF 470MHz-862MHz; Wall mountableWarranty: One YearCountry of Origin: China
  • Amplified Indoor Ball HDTV Antenna

    Up to 50-mile range; 1080p & 4K compatible; Signal level indicator; Automatic gain control; Multidirectional reception; Dome rotates to fine-tune signal; 3G/4G LTE filters for minimal interference ; Easy to install--wall mountable; Dim: 5.5"H x 6.6"W x 6...
  • Amplified Indoor FM & HDTV Antenna

    Pulls in top-rated HDTV network programming & favorite local shows for free with no monthly fee or subscription; Receives UHF & VHF TV broadcasts including 4K & 1080 HDTV for highest-quality picture & sound up to 40+ miles from the tower; RCA(R) advanced...