• 120-Volt Hand Vacuum

    Portable & light handheld vacuum ; 400W motor power ; Sealed, airtight & washable cloth filter ; 16.4ft power cord ; Includes 1 corner accessory with adapterWarranty: One YearCountry of Origin: Mexico
  • 2-in-1 Rechargeable Stick Vacuum

    Upright vacuum & hand vacuum ; 14.4V ; Wheel stickers scroll to protect delicate floors ; Ideal on hard floors ; Rotating brush traps lint ; Reinforced bristles provide deep cleaning ; Ergonomic handle for easy transportation ; Rotating nozzle for easy...
  • Centauri Canister Vacuum Cleaner

    1,300W motor; Bagless; Pleated filter; High-level suction; Ideal for hard floors, carpets & mats; Retractable power cord; Includes flexible hose, telescopic metal tube, combined floor & carpet 2-in-1 tool & crevice tool with dusting brush;...
  • Evolution 3 Manual Floor and Carpet Sweeper

    2 adjustable height settings; Rubberized furniture protection bumper; Hygienic topside dust-emptying system; 3-part, coated stainless steel handle is built to last; Thick, solid-core tufted helix bristle brush; Large spring-loaded dust collection pans; 9...
  • Hard Floor Sweeper with Microfiber Duster

    All-in-one sweeper and duster; Rubber blades for maximum cleaning, especially on hard floor surfaces ; 1 click easily empties dust container ; Washable, microfiber pad for duster ; Ergonomically designed soft handle grip ; Handle lays flat easy to reach...
  • Iris Canister Vacuum Cleaner

    1,600W motor; Multicyclonic advanced technology; Never loses suction; HEPA filtration system; Ergonomic handle; Tool storage compartment; Retractable power cord; Full dust cup indicator; Includes combined brush for carpet & hard floors, expandable metal...
  • Mystic Canister Vacuum Cleaner

    1,200W motor; Efficient floor-sweeping system; Maximum suction level traps dust; 3-stage filtration; Compact design; Mechanical suction release; Filter bag; Retractable cord; Includes floor & carpet brush, hose with coupling & tubes, pick-up tool & 3...
  • Speedsweep Manual Carpet Sweeper

    Quick and simple to use ; 8 in. wide sweeping path ; 3 in. high-impact body casing ; Nonmarking rubberized tires ; Steel-twisted nylon bristle brush ; Large-capacity collection pans ; 41.34 in. handle and low body height to reach under furniture easily;...
  • Wet/Dry Canister Vacuum Cleaner

    1.75 hp motor; Picks up dry and wet debris; Powerful cleaner with ergonomic design; 3 gal. tank capacity; Air blow system; Cable rewind; Cord wrap on rear; Includes telescopic plastic wands, flexible hose with elbow, 2-in-1 floor brush, pickup tool,...
  • Zest 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Motorized floor brush for deeper cleaning ; 2-speed motor with soft start ; Quick-release, easy-clean roller brush ; HEPA filter with 6-stage filtration ; Extension tubes to reach into high areas ; Swivel head ; Twin waste chambers to aid prevention of...