Camera & Camcorder Accessories

Camera & Camcorder Accessories

  • 5858D Photo/Video Tripod

    Extends to 58"; Supports up to 8lbs; Medium-duty tripod for photo & video; Contains 3-way pan head with extra-long pan handle; Quick-release plate with video indexing pin; Geared center column with folding crank; Neoprene leg wraps on 1 leg; Chassis...
  • 6601TM Tri-Monopod

    Max height in tripod mode: 58"; Max height in monopod mode: 61.4"; Designed for today's latest DSLR cameras; Converts from a tripod to monopod in seconds; Supports up to 4.4lbs; 3-way fluid-effect pan head with QR plate; Built-in pan head & chassis...
  • 6630LX 66" Photo/Video Tripod with Adapters

    Medium-duty tripod for cameras weighing up to 6.6lbs; Designed for cameras, smartphones & GoPro(R); Extends to 66"; Quick-release plate; 3-way pan head; Geared center column; Flip-lock leg locks; Self-leveling rubber feet ; Standard 1/4"-20 mounting...
  • AC/DC LCD Universal Pro Charger

    Charges battery in 1 hour; Automatically detects battery voltage; LCD charging indicator; LCD display; Lightweight & ideal for easy travel; Simple & easy to useWarranty: One YearCountry of Origin: China
  • CAM-322 Replacement Battery

    12V; Long-lasting; 2,300mAh; Lead acid; Rechargeable battery; Compatible with Intermec(R) 6820, Blaupunkt(R) CR-1500, Blaupunkt(R) CR-1800, Blaupunkt(R) CR-2000S, Blaupunkt(R) RTV-260, Bosch(R) VCC-516, Bosch(R) VCC-526, Bosch(R) VCC-550, Bosch(R)...
  • CAM-350 Replacement Battery

    12V; Long-lasting; 2,000mAh; Lead acid; Rechargeable battery; Compatible with Chinon(R) CV-T63, Chinon(R) CV-T84, Chinon(R) VSBS0016, Curtis Mathes(R) DV700, Curtis Mathes(R) FV500, Curtis Mathes(R) FV600, Curtis Mathes(R) FV700, Curtis Mathes(R) FV800,...
  • CAM-779P Replacement Battery

    3.7V ; Li-Ion; Long-lasting; 1,000mAh ; Rechargeable ; Comparable to Lenmar(R) LENDLNEL5; Compatible with Averatec Voya 320, Nikon(R) 4200, Nikon(R) 5200, Nikon(R) COOLPIX(R) 3700, Nikon(R) COOLPIX(R) 4200, Nikon(R) COOLPIX(R) 5200, Nikon(R) COOLPIX(R)...
  • CAM-783P Replacement Battery

    7.4V ; Li-Ion; Long-lasting; 900mAh ; Rechargeable ; Comparable to Lenmar(R) LENDLNEL9; Compatible with Nikon(R) D3000, Nikon(R) D40, Nikon(R) D40 SLR, Nikon(R) D40 SLR Digital Camera, Nikon(R) D40X, Nikon(R) D40X SLR, Nikon(R) D40X SLR Digital Camera,...
  • CAM-786P Replacement Battery

    3.7V ; Li-Ion; Long-lasting; 750mAh ; Rechargeable ; Comparable to Lenmar(R) LENDLNEL12; Compatible with Nikon(R) COOLPIX(R) AW100, Nikon(R) COOLPIX(R) AW110, Nikon(R) COOLPIX(R) P300, Nikon(R) COOLPIX(R) P310, Nikon(R) COOLPIX(R) P330, Nikon(R)...