• Compatible Lamp For Mitsubishi

    Premium Power products compatible front projector lamp for Mitsubishi ES100U, ES10U, LVP-DX540, LVP-DX545, LVP-DX548, LVP-XD400U, LVP-XD450U, LVP-XD460, LVP-XD460U, LVP-XD480U, LVP-XD490, LVP-XD490U, XD400, XD400U, XD450U, XD460U, XD480, XD480U, XD490U...
  • Proj Lamp For Canon Nec

    Premium Power Compatible Replacement Projector Lamp For CANON LV-7250, CANON LV-7260, NEC VT480, NEC VT490, NEC VT491, NEC VT580, NEC VT590, NEC VT595, NEC VT69. Compatible Part Numbers: LV-LP26 , LV-LP30, LV-LP31, VT85LP
  • Proj Lamp For Christie Other

    Compatible models; 3M X95, 3M X95i, Christie LW400, Christie LWU400, Christie LWU420, Christie LX400, Dukane Image Pro 8948, Hitachi CP X615, Hitachi CP X705, Hitachi CP X807, Hitachi HCP 7100X, Hitachi HCP 7600X, Hitachi HCP 8000X, Hitachi HCP 8050X,...
  • Proj Lamp For Dell 2400mp

    Premium Power Compatible Replacement Projector Lamp For Dell 2400MP. Compatible Part Numbers: 310-7578, 3107578
  • Proj Lamp For Epson

    Premium Power Products compatible Replacement Projector Lamp for Epson EMP720, EMP730, EMP732, EMP735. Part Numbers: V13H010L18. This lamp comes with complete outer housing unit module. Easy installation, no rewiring required.
  • Proj Lamp For Epson - ELPLP50ER

    Premium Power Compatible Replacement Projector Lamp for Epson EB-825, EB-84, EB-85, PowerLite 825, PowerLite 84, PowerLite 85. Compatible Part Numbers: ELPLP50, V13H010L50
  • Proj Lamp For Hitachi

    Projector Lamp for Hitachi. Compatible with Hitachi CP-X3, CP-X5, CP-X5W, CP-X3W, CP-X264, HCP-610X Replaces DT00821, CPX5LAMP.
  • Proj Lamp For Hitachi Other

    Premium Power Products compatible Projector Lamp for 3M X62, 3M X62W, DUKANE Image Pro 8776, DUKANE Image Pro 8776 RJ, HITACHI CP-X260, HITACHI CP-X265, HITACHI CP-X267, HITACHI CP-X268A, HITACHI HX-3180, HITACHI HX-3188, HITACHI PJ-658, VIEWSONIC PJ658...