Security Sensors, Alarms & Accessories

Security Sensors, Alarms & Accessories

  • 120dB Motion-Sensing Alarm with IR Keychain Remote

    Easy to install--no wiring needed ; Powerful 120dB motion detection alarm ; 20ft range ; Features 45-sec exit delay & 30-sec entry delay ; Unique security code between remote & alarm ; Low-battery indicator light; Includes all mounting hardware & IR key...
  • 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer

    Easy-to-set timer with 30-min intervals; 24-hour programmable cycle; Turns lamps or other devices on & off at programmable settings; Convenient override switch; CFL ready; Polarized outlet; Ideal for lamps & seasonal items; Helps reduce power...
  • 50-Button Replacement Kit for Insteon(R) Keypads

    Preprinted buttons replace standard buttons on Insteon(R) KeypadLinc dimmers & relays; Includes most commonly requested custom-etched buttons; Buttons indicate which light, appliance or group of lights/appliances they controlWarranty: Two YearsCountry of...
  • 5dB High-Gain Antenna for ALC Cameras

    5dB high-gain antenna ; Increases camera signal range ; Compatible with Observer systems/cameras & SightHD cameras; Not compatible with Patrol camerasWarranty: One YearCountry of Origin: China
  • Accessory Power Pack (3 Cell)

    Compatible with Lorex(R) LWB4800, LWB4900, LWB5800 and LW6800 series wire-free cameras; Comes fully charged with no need for initial charging; Use of 3rd party micro USB power adapters not recommended; Takes up to 8 hours for 3-cell pack to fully...
  • Adjustable-Angle Mount for Ring(R) Video Doorbells

    For Ring(R) and Ring(R) 2 video doorbells; not compatible with Ring(R) Pro or Elite; Adjustable-angle wall mount can be tilted left or right from 30deg to 55deg for doorbell placement flexibility, improving visibility and motion detection ; High-grade,...
  • Apple(R) HomeKit(TM)-Enabled Door/Window Sensor

    Fully compatible with Apple(R) HomeKit(TM); Monitors opening of doors, windows & gates; Built-in temperature sensor monitors temperature throughout home; Small size & light weight to blend with window frames & doors; Ability to trigger scenes when the...
  • Apple(R) HomeKit(TM)-Enabled Flood Sensor

    Fully compatible with Apple(R) HomeKit(TM); Innovative electro valves immediately cut off water supply upon detection of leak; Immediately sends notification via Apple(R) HomeKit(TM) app when a leak or tampering attempt is detected; Sensor also senses...